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Pierre Zwiegers
Training Coordinator
(604) 875-2345 ext. 5567 | Email

CHILD-BRIGHT’S Training Program team, led by Dr. Dan Goldowitz, is responsible for establishing the training and mentoring agenda of the network. Engaging with multiple stakeholder groups which include patients, researchers, and policy makers, we aim to foster a culture of patient-oriented research that will positively affect not only the future of health research within Canada, but lead to improved outcomes for patients and their families.

Through the design of courses, workshops, and seminars, our training agenda will lead to a new generation of researchers who collaborate with the patient population; patients who effectively engage with researchers and petition for policy change; and policy makers who are not only more attuned to patient and family health care needs, but are kept informed with novel research outcomes that can drive the necessary policy changes.

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we write Courses

we run Workshops

we Train youth to engage in research

we promote patient-oriented research

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