Our pan-Canadian network is led by three investigators, based out of the RI-MUHC, SickKids and the BC Children's Hospital, a Citizen Engagement Director, and a Network Director. 

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Core Administration team

Our core team is composed of members based out of our central office in Montreal, in Toronto, and in Vancouver. This team runs the day-to-day activities of the network.

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Project Leads

Our 12 research projects are led by investigators located across Canada who join forces under CHILD-BRIGHT to improve outcomes for all touched by brain-based disabilities.  

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Patient Representatives

We recognize patient and families as the most important experts in our network; they guide all our activities, priorities, and have leadership roles in our network's committees.

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Committee Members

As part of our governance structure, nine committees convene to ensure all network and program activities run according to our mandate.

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Support Services & Consultants

We rely on the expertise of specialized teams and people to do patient-oriented research. 

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