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In Canada, as many as 850,000 children under the age of 14 are living with a brain-based developmental disability and face life-long challenges with mobility, language, learning, socialization, and/or self-care that impact the quality of their lives.

At CHILD-BRIGHT, patients, families, researchers, clinicians, policy makers and other key stakeholders work together to improve health care systems, practices, and knowledge to ensure better outcomes for these children and their families.

What We Do

 We are a   research program   on brain-based developmental disabilities

We are a research program on brain-based developmental disabilities

 We promote better ways to   share credible information

We promote better ways to share credible information

 We   train   stakeholders about patient-oriented research

We train stakeholders about patient-oriented research

 We   engage with citizens   to create positive change

We engage with citizens to create positive change


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