Stimulation for Perinatal Stroke Optimizing Recovery Trajectory (SPORT)

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Michael Sametz
Para-Cyclist, 2016 Rio Paralympic Games
Brain Stimulation Trial #1 Participant (Perinatal Stroke and Cerebral Palsy)


Children with perinatal stroke often experience lifelong neurological disability. Non-invasive brain stimulation can help children learn motor skills and may help adults with motor impairments after stroke. We don’t yet know how much it can help children with perinatal stroke. Here, we will conduct a clinical trial across Canada to test whether non-invasive brain stimulation improves function in children with motor difficulties such as cerebral palsy and, if so, what mechanisms underlie these improvements.

Research theme:
BRIGHT Beginnings: Projects to optimize brain and developmental outcomes

Age range: 
5–18 years

Start date:
July 2016

Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Adam Kirton, University of Calgary

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Meet Dr. Kirton & learn about non-invasive brain stimulation.

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