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Do you have a brain-based developmental disability, or are you a parent of a child with a brain-based disability?
If so, please join us! You will influence our priorities, our social media campaigns, as well as the interpretation and use of our research findings.

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Join a network-wide committee

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Tell us about yourself! Better understanding all our stakeholders--patients, families, caregivers, health professionals, researchers and everyone touched by brain-based developmental disabilities--will help us refine our research to better address needs.

Over the course of our five-year mandate, we want to reach as many people touched by brain-based developmental disabilities as possible. Please help us share news about our work. We need to hear from everyone to succeed in our patient-oriented mandate, so follow us, and share!

To improve outcomes for patients and their families, we need to educate all Canadians about patient-oriented research and how it can positively affect the future of our health research. 

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Hearing about your experiences, concerns and ideas will help shape our work.
Your voice matters, so let us know what you think!

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Our network will host a variety of events such as webinar, training sessions, and conferences, to bring together stakeholders and discuss ways to reach our mandate and improve outcomes. Will you join us? 

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