Parent-Centred Evidence-Based Care for Premature Graduates (Parent-EPIQ)


Carolina Segura

Children born premature often face developmental challenges. These challenges are usually described to parents using medical terminology that can be difficult to understand. In this study, we will involve parents and families of children born premature to help identify what information is meaningful to them and to help put in place proven interventions that will improve the language and thinking abilities of children born premature. The aim of our national parent participatory study is to bring parents of children born very premature to the forefront of defining and guiding initiatives to measure and improve the development of children born premature.

Research theme:
BRIGHT Beginnings: Projects to optimize brain and developmental outcomes

Age range: 
NICU–18 months later

Start date:
April 2017

Principal Investigators: 
Dr. Anne Synnes, BC Women's Hospital
Dr. Prakeshkumar Shah, Mount Sinai Hospital

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