What is the KT Innovation Incubator?

The purpose of the KT innovation Incubator is to promote and facilitate innovative knowledge translation projects in childhood disability.

To begin the brainstorming process on innovative Knowledge Translation project ideas, a webinar was presented by Children’s Healthcare Canada (formerly know as CAPHC) in August 2017 and a “BRAINstorm” workshop was conducted at our Brain-Child-Partners Conference on November 6th 2017 in Toronto, ON. In 2018, we awarded our first KT Innovation Incubator grant to the Child-Sized KT project, based at UBC. We are now ready to launch the second year of this CHILD-BRIGHT grant competition to fund an innovative project that will help us answer our greatest challenges in knowledge translation and patient-oriented research. See below for more details.

What is the grant competition?

Funding information

Our KT Innovation Incubator grant competition will award up to $12,000 to two (2) winning knowledge translation research projects that aim to answer a research question related to knowledge translation and patient-oriented research.

The winning projects are expected to be completed within a year. Up to two (2) projects will be funded in this competition. Funding is non-renewable, but a maximum extension of 6 months will be granted for project activities to be completed.

The winning team(s) will receive support from:

  • The Knowledge Translation Program team, including the expertise of the KT Advisory Committee

    • The KT committee researchers, who will actively support the recipients of this grant in evaluating (or demonstrating) impact, therefore generating research knowledge about the knowledge translation activities.

    • Additionally, we will conduct a case study about innovative knowledge translation based on the KT Innovation Incubator’s winning projects.

  • CHILD-BRIGHT Communications (i.e. social media channels to promote a specific event).


How Do I Apply?