To apply for the KT innovation incubator grant competition, projects must meet the following requirements:


Apply as a project team* that includes a partnership between academic researcher(s) and individual(s) of relevant stakeholder groups** based in Canada. 


Applicants are expected to complete the application form together and carry out the project as a team.


The Principal Investigator must be an academic researcher (i.e. affiliation with an academic institution that is eligible to receive and administer funds).


A post-doctoral, doctoral or master’s student is ineligible to receive a stipend from the KT Innovation Incubator if they are receiving any post-doctoral, doctoral or master’s award (e.g. CIHR or FRSQ fellowship).


*If you have an idea to submit to the KT Innovation Incubator grant competition, but would like help connecting with individuals of relevant stakeholder groups** or academic researchers to complete an application, please contact us. We can help!

**By 'stakeholder group' we mean a specific group of individuals and/or organizations for which this research is intended to impact or have relevance.

Requirements for winning team

  • The lead applicant will be responsible for providing 3 study reports. The first report is a 1-page written mid-term report on the progress made to date. The second report will be a brief presentation of the project at CHILD-BRIGHT’s annual meeting (date TBD, by videoconference or in person). The final report is a 3-page final written report on the work accomplished and an accounting of expenditure.

  • All written reports, oral presentations, blogs, news press, and publications (even those after funding period) must include a CHILD-BRIGHT acknowledgement statement and be sent by email to our KT Program Officer for our files.

  • Promotional material, such as photos or project description, may be solicited to include on our CHILD-BRIGHT website, social media channels and other CHILD-BRIGHT reports.

  • The project team agrees to comply with the evaluation framework proposed by the CHILD-BRIGHT KT Advisory Committee and its subsequent evaluation activities (i.e. surveys). The evaluation framework aims to generate research knowledge about the knowledge translation activities.

  • The project team agrees to participate as subjects in a case study conducted by the CHILD-BRIGHT KT Program (including the expertise of the KT Advisory Committee) about innovation in knowledge translation. This participation may be multifaceted (e.g. interviews with team members, facilitating connection/follow-up with project participants, facilitating ethics applications, etc.).

Review process

Only complete applications received by email (address found on first page of submission form) by February 11th, 2019 11:59 p.m. EST will be entered to the grant competition.

Each application will be assigned to two reviewers and will be assessed using an Evaluation Form. Each application will be discussed by the two reviewers and a final funding decision will be made collectively by the KT Innovation Incubator Review Committee.

Applicants will be sent a Notice of Decision by email, indicating whether or not their project is selected as the winning project.