Meet 2017 Summer Studentship Recipient: Chelsea Yeo

CHILD-BRIGHT is proud to offer opportunities to help involve future generations of researchers, health professionals and leaders in patient-oriented work in Canada. Meet Chelsea Yeo, one of our 2017 Summer Studentship recipients, and read her reflections on her time at CHILD-BRIGHT.


Name: Chelsea Yeo
Studying: BSc (Psychology), St. Francis Xavier University
Focus of internship:
CHILD-BRIGHT Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental project

"The opportunity I had to work on the Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental CHILD-BRIGHT research project opened my eyes to patient-oriented research and what it involves. I learned from collaborating with parent advisors, synthesizing their thoughts and ideas, and learned about the program's themes. Not only did this studentship give me the opportunity to experience a different type of research process, it helped me to see its value.

Everyone has a story that makes their experiences, ideas and thoughts unique.

As a young career-minded individual, I believe that working on the SF Neurodevelopmental project reinforced my pre-existing beliefs concerning the value of others’ experiences and will help me in my career going forward. Everyone has a story that makes their experiences, ideas and thoughts unique. This speaks to the importance of being open and able to listen.

Hearing the stories and speaking with parents about obstacles they’ve overcome allowed the intervention to be more specific to the needs of children with disabilities and their families. Specifically, there were many things that these parents experience that can’t be found in a book that made their advice invaluable to our project.

Going forward I will apply this lesson to my career path but also to life in general."