Helping Match UBC Students to Patient-Oriented Initiatives

As part of our efforts to enhance the capacity for patient-oriented research through practical research experience at academic institutions, we are proud to share that with the support of the BC SUPPORT Unit, we have developed the Patient-oriented Research Repository (PoRR) at the University of British Columbia (UBC). This initiative is possible thanks to funding from UBC’s Strategic Investment Fund.


“PoRR is a matchmaking platform that will help connect UBC students with an array of available patient-oriented research (POR) opportunities affiliated to UBC,” says Pierre Zwiegers, CHILD-BRIGHT Training Program Coordinator. “It will support local investigators in hiring undergraduate assistants throughout an academic term.

CHILD-BRIGHT’s Training Program team will support the development and maintenance of the online PoRR matchmaking platform and will help train students in POR using CHILD-BRIGHT’s introductory POR training modules, which were initially designed and presented as part of CHILD-BRIGHT’s Summer Studentship Program.

“By providing UBC students with experiential and practical learning opportunities in patient-oriented research settings, we will help increase their knowledge, understanding and skills relating to patient-oriented research,” says Zwiegers. “This will enable these students, who are Canada’s next generation of researchers, clinicians, and health care decision makers, to adapt to a rapidly evolving health research environment.”

After assessing the uptake and response to the UBC PoRR initiative, CHILD-BRIGHT hopes to pursue similar opportunities and partnerships at other academic institutions across Canada.

For more information about the PoRR, contact