Meet 2017 Summer Studentship Recipient: Liel Cohn

CHILD-BRIGHT is proud to offer opportunities to help involve future generations of researchers, health professionals and leaders in patient-oriented work in Canada.  Meet Liel Cohn, one of our 2017 Summer Studentship recipients, and read her reflections on her time at CHILD-BRIGHT.

Liel Cohn.jpg

Name: Liel Cohn
Studying: BSc (Life Sciences), McMaster University
Focus of internship:
CHILD-BRIGHT Training Program

"The CHILD-BRIGHT Summer Studentship  provided me with the incredible opportunity to learn about new developments in research and the importance of patient involvement. Through engaging webinars and interesting readings, not only did I gain a new perspective but I also developed tools that will help me incorporate patient-oriented research into my current and future research endeavors.

By educating patients and their families properly, and involving them in the research projects, physicians and scientists are able to provide what seems to be the most effective care, leaving the patient feeling more comfortable and confident than ever before.

For my final project, I received the task of constructing a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts patient-oriented research with traditional health research. This project helped me recognize the faults in the traditional methods, while also highlighting the challenges in properly incorporating patient-oriented research in common practice. Despite being challenging, I now feel that patient-oriented research is the future model for research studies and is essential in promoting and developing the concept of individualized medicine.

Overall, this experience has further established my interest in patient-oriented care and research in the health care field."