Coached, Coordinated, Enhanced Neonatal Transition (CCENT)


Arpita Parmar

Better medical care has helped many women with challenging pregnancies deliver babies; however, some babies are born with serious and chronic conditions. Their families face a number of challenges when transitioning from the hospital to their homes. This project will evaluate a new type of care for these families. We will assign families a point person, who will provide ongoing support in the community to help care for their child using an acceptance and commitment therapy framework, and we will compare the experience, stress, and health to the experience of families who receive standard care consisting of regular neonatal follow-up without this level of support. 

Research theme:
BRIGHT Future: Projects that will redesign health care services to be more responsive to family needs

Age range: 
Discharge from NICU–18 months later

Principal Investigators: 
Dr. Julia Orkin, SickKids
Dr. Eyal Cohen, SickKids
Dr. Nathalie Major-Cook, CHEO
Dr. Paige Church, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


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