The following resources are meant to be used in addition to the family binder and the nurse navigator’s resources for families participating in the CHILD-BRIGHT CCENT study!

Your Health and Well-Being

Your Baby's Health

Safe Sleep

Your Baby’s Growth and Development

Meal Planning

Community Resources


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  • Parents of Preemies Ottawa
    Support for parents of preemies in the Ottawa area

  • Parenting in Ottawa
    Ottawa Public Health website with lots of information and support for parents

  • Mothercraft Ottawa
    Postpartum support drop-in, drop in for dads
    Childcare resources
    Short-term baby equipment rentals

  • Sweet Pea Occupational Therapy
    Support for families who are struggling with feeding challenges of infants, toddlers and beyond

  • Family Services Ottawa
    Offers parenting courses, support for post-partum depression

  • Parent Resource Centre
    Variety of programs, services, support for parents, including a toy library and infant drop-ins

  • Ottawa Breastfeeds
    Resources and support for breastfeeding, including lactation consultants, breast bumps, resources and support

  • Ontario Early Years Centres - Ottawa
    Programs and services for all parents and caregivers of children, focussed on child development, parenting

  • Canadian Pediatric Society
    Child health information 

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Parenting Resources