Announcing the winner of our first KT Innovation Incubator grant competition!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the CHILD-BRIGHT KT Innovation Incubator:

Child-Sized KT

The Child-Sized KT project is led by Dr. Shazhan Amed, Stephanie Glegg, Rosa Livingstone, Dr. Ian Pike, Dr. Elodie Portales-Casamar, John Jacob and Dawn Mount. Meet the team here:

What is Child-Sized KT?

The Child-Sized KT team will use the KT Innovation Incubator grant to develop an online platform that will provide opportunities for youth and families to actively participate as partners in research, from developing the question, to designing the study, to sharing new knowledge.

More specifically, the Child-Sized KT team will:

  • Document child and family partner stories about the value of research engagement

  • Gather feedback from children and their families, and assess the usefulness of the stories in motivating child and family research engagement

  • Co-design an online family portal for the Child-Sized KT platform that uses these stories and gaming features (e.g. point scoring, badges, missions, communities) to motivate children and families to learn about health research, why their involvement is important, and how to access research opportunities.


This portal will be innovative in its use of gamification (i.e. elements of game playing to improve engagement) to motivate children and families to learn about the benefits and logistics of research involvement. The portal will offer an alternative to lengthy written materials, in-person workshops and online learning on patient-oriented research and serve those without previous intention to engage in research.

The CHILD-BRIGHT KT team, including the expertise of the KT Advisory Committee, will also conduct a case study about innovation in knowledge translation and propose an appropriate evaluation framework for the Child-Sized KT team.

Child-Sized KT will transform the way we engage children, youth, and their caregivers in the research, making our research at BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill more responsive, relevant and meaningful to the patients we serve. We are thrilled to receive this support from CHILD-BRIGHT which will galvanize our efforts in creating a fun, engaging, and easily accessible platform for patients and families.
— Dr. Shazhan Amed

The Child-Sized KT team was established two years ago as a collaboration of researchers and clinician-scientists at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) interested in advancing knowledge translation (KT) in pediatrics. All aspects of Child-Sized KT up until now have occurred in partnerships with children and families, researchers and health professionals, so that it truly meets the needs of its end-users. Through their family partner (Rosa Livingstone) and co-PI (Stephanie Glegg), they are focused on engaging children with brain-based disabilities and their families, giving them an opportunity to inform the development of Child-Sized KT.

Congratulations to the Child-Sized KT team, and we would like to thank all of our applicants to our very first CHILD-BRIGHT KT Innovation Incubator grant competition as well as our review panel, which was composed of parents, researchers, clinicians, educators, trainees, and youth with expertise in KT research, childhood disability research, occupational therapy, mental health services, communications, and advocacy, who had the difficult task of selecting only one winning project out of the 15 submissions.