Training Contact
Pierre Zwiegers
Training Coordinator
(604) 875-2345 ext. 5567 | Email

  • Activities & initiatives that share similarity with work already being done by CHILD-BRIGHT.
  • Hiring a project worker to generally assist work within your project/program.
  • Capacity-building activities that do not fit within the scope of patient-oriented research (e.g. a thesis-writing workshop or exploring post-graduate employment opportunities).
  • Addressing an issue/gap that is not relevant to CHILD-BRIGHT’s stakeholder groups
  • A research group is having difficulty managing and keeping their affiliated patient-partners engaged. An international expert is identified, and funds are requested to facilitate a vigorous workshop led by the expert.
  • The training needs of a unique population are not being met. Funds are requested to support the design of a customized curriculum with external input.
  • Producing a video, animation, or pamphlet that aids in the training of different stakeholders to patient-oriented research.