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We look forward to welcoming registered participants on December 7 to our Policy Forum

December 7, 2018

7:00-8:00: Light Breakfast
Policy Forum, Rose-Fuschia Room (see map)
Noon-1:00 p.m.:

This session will connect policymakers from across Canada with patient-partners, service providers, and researchers. This multi-stakeholder group will jointly tackle important issues related to the care of children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Leading up to the Forum, each invited policymaker will be tasked with defining a major gap between government policy and care delivery. These prioritized areas will be presented to forum attendees for input as well as developing a potential plan of action to address the identified gaps.   


  • Develop a mutual understanding of the individual and collective roles that researchers, policy makers, and patient-partners can and do play in shaping policy (e.g. advocacy, dissemination of knowledge, communication of findings, creation of policy, seeking information)

  • Develop a plan of action to address the gaps identified by policymakers.

  • Practically demonstrate how research and ideas translate into public policy.

  • Provide the opportunity for both patient-partners and researchers to communicate with policymakers.


This will be a panel discussion moderated by an expert in the field of interactions between policy makers and stakeholders and will involve breakout brainstorming sessions with attendees

AV and/or other equipment needs

Projector, computer, screen, flipchart paper, markers


Aryeh Gitterman (moderator), Alexander Bezzina, Mary Ann McColl, Bruce Rodrigues, and Anne Fuller

For additional inquiries please contact pierre.zwiegers@child-bright.ca