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The CHILD-BRIGHT Network is looking for a…

Youth Partner | iCAN Study (Integrative Canadian Neurodiversity Platform [iCAN] - Development Phase) | Remote

Number of positions to fill: 1

Intended for: Youth aged 14+

Description of role: iCAN is a project funded by Kids Brain Health Network, and led by researchers who are also part of CHILD-BRIGHT. iCAN is a Canada-wide database of people diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disability (NDD). To ensure that iCAN can answer research questions that are important to families, we are seeking the input of youth with cerebral palsy & parents of children with an NDD, including cerebral palsy.

Description of role: We are looking for a youth partner for this project as we’d like to ensure relevance and applicability of research methods, materials, and results to the population of interest (youth with CP, parents of children with CP).

You will be tasked with

  • Attend monthly team meetings  (1hr teleconferences Oct 2019 to Feb 2020)

  • Review study documents for clarity

  • Review or work on data analysis with team member

  • Read write up of initial data analysis

  • Read write up of results & provide feedback

  • Work with team member on infographic or provide feedback on infographic via teleconference call

  • Review drafts of paper

  • Write paragraph on youth perspective.

Responsible to: Dr. Keiko Shikako-Thomas

Works with: Miriam Gonzalez (postdoctoral fellow)

Engagement length and expected time commitment:

We would like to work with the youth partner for the duration of the study (Oct 2019 to Feb 2020)

We estimate the time commitment to be 12 hours in total. 


$500 for the duration of the project


Youth with cerebral palsy (aged 14 years old +)

Specific skills that could be an asset:

Any experience with research (e.g. participation in a study)

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application by October 18, 2019 by filling out our community engagement form below.