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Translator from English to Somali | IMAGINe project | remote

Number of positions to fill: 1

Introduction to the IMAGINe project:

The goal of the IMAGINe project is to find the cause of atypical cerebral palsy (a cerebral palsy-like condition) in 100 children. The testing we are doing involves genomics (whole genome sequencing) and metabolomics (testing of the products of the body’s chemical pathways). 

Approximately one-third of families in this project do not speak English well enough to completely understand the research.  We are gradually translating a project summary document into other languages to try to better communicate with all families.

Description of the role:
You will be asked to translate approximately one page of English text.  This is a lay language description of complex genetic testing. We will work with you to ensure that the concepts are being conveyed accurately in the second language. 

CHILD-BRIGHT Network activity: CHILD-BRIGHT IMAGINe project
Responsible to: Patricia Birch
Works with: Nicole Liang and Patricia Birch

Engagement details:
We are looking to engage interested individuals as soon as possible for this short-term assignment.

$75, for the translation of approximately one page of English text.

Willingness to work remotely via phone/internet to create an accurate translation of our project summary.  Some knowledge of biology is essential.

Specific skills or experience that could be an asset:
Knowledge of genetic testing methods, or a background in genetics would be very helpful.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application by
July 15, 2018 by filling out our community engagement form below.