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The CHILD-BRIGHT Network is looking for a…

Site Accessibility Reviewer | CHILD-BRIGHT Network Event Planning Team | Vancouver-Richmond, British Columbia B.C.

Number of positions to fill: 1 or more

Intended for: Public citizens

Description of role: We are hosting an upcoming committee meeting in the Vancouver-Richmond, B.C. area, and are looking for an individual with personal knowledge about accessibility to accompany us on site visits and help us choose a venue that is accessible, comfortable and work-conducive for all CHILD-BRIGHT members. 

For: CHILD-BRIGHT Network Event Planning team
Responsible to: Corinne Lalonde
Works with: Pierre Zwiegers (CHILD-BRIGHT Training Coordinator)

Engagement details and expected time commitment: One or more site visit(s) at a hotel to take place in early June 2019.

Compensation: Compensation will be provided.

Requirements: We are looking for an individual based in the Vancouver-Richmond, B.C. area with personal knowledge about accessibility, and who can travel to one or more local venues in this area.  

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application by Friday, June 7 by filling out our community engagement form below.