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The CHILD-BRIGHT Network is looking for a…

Peer Mentor for Parents | Citizen Engagement | Remote

Number of positions to fill: 1

Intended for: A parent, caregiver or former patient

Description of role:

The person in this position will help to inform, guide, and support other parents participating as partners in the CHILD-BRIGHT Network.

His or her tasks will include becoming familiar with what parent-partners need to succeed in their roles, what resources are available to help them, and what strategies have been shown to be successful. The peer mentor will also take part in informal conversations with individual parents and small groups of parents involved in CHILD-BRIGHT to help them in their roles. As well, the mentor will document his or her activities, while respecting privacy and confidentiality, and provide a yearly evaluation of those activities.

Responsible to: Chair of Citizen Engagement Council
Works with: Parent-partners and parents working in different capacities within CHILD-BRIGHT

Engagement details and expected time commitment:

The expected time commitment is on average 8 hours per week, starting September 1st 2017, for at least one year.


Yes, compensation amount is being discussed.


  • Experience parenting a child with a brain-based disability
  • Experience as a parent-partner in a research project other than CHILD-BRIGHT and demonstrated success in that role
  • An understanding of what mentorship entails and how it differs from roles such as teacher, leader, and buddy.
  • Good communication skills, including listening skills
  • Some familiarity with available relevant resources

Specific skills or experience that could be an asset:

  • Networking
  • Any experience with research (e.g. participation in a study)


If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application by august 18th 2017 by filling out our community engagement form below.