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The CHILD-BRIGHT Network is looking for a…

Facilitator for Parent Support Facebook Group

Number of positions to fill: 1

Intended for:
Parent of a child who is diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disability (any age or diagnosis)


In collaboration with parents, clinicians, and the Strongest Families Institute, we have developed a new online parenting program for families of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. The Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental program includes 11 parenting skill sessions, telephone-based coaching support, and a Parent-to-Parent online support group.  We will soon be enrolling 450 families from across Canada to test the effectiveness of our program in a randomized trial.

Participants in our study will be randomly assigned to one of three study groups. The Self-Managed study group will receive access to the Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental online parenting program, the Coached study group will receive access to the program plus a weekly group telephone session with a Strongest Families coach, the third group, the Information group, will receive access to a resource page with information about neurodevelopmental disabilities.

The Self-Managed and Coached groups will also be invited to join separate Parent-2-Parent (P2P) online support groups via Facebook. The Information group will receive access to the online parenting program and be invited to join the Parent-2-Parent Facebook group after they have completed the study (at 10 months).

Parent Facilitator - Job Description:

We are seeking a Parent Facilitator for one of the Parent-2-Parent Connections Online Support Groups. The P2P group will allow parents who are taking part in the study to interact with one another in a safe and supportive setting where they are encouraged to discuss the program skills, share their parenting experiences and support one another. With guidance from the study team, the Parent Facilitator will post discussion topics related to the program content to prompt discussion among group members and to encourage group activity. The facilitator sets the tone for the group, acknowledges members’ comments, questions, and shared content, and encourages peer to peer interaction. The Parent Facilitator will have bi-weekly meetings with a member of the research team.

Facilitator Responsibilities:

Promoting Discussion and Engagement:

  • The facilitator will welcome members to the group as they join.

  • The facilitator is expected to post regular discussion topics and/or questions related to the content of the program modules, at least every two weeks.

  • The facilitator is also expected to encourage discussion among group members on other topics on a daily basis.

  • The facilitator will engage with the group page at least twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening.

Acknowledging Participation:

  • In addition to the above, facilitators should acknowledge, as much as possible, the comments of group participants.

Monitoring Group Discussion:

  • We want to encourage and allow for respectful discussions about areas of disagreement. If group members are not being civil, the facilitator should intervene and remind group members of the group guidelines, and if necessary consult a research team member.

Monitoring for Safety:

  • In the event that the facilitator encounters a post which suggests there is a current risk of self-harm or harm to another person, they must immediately report it to the Group Administrator and Study Coordinator.

CHILD-BRIGHT Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental Program project team
Reporting to: Karen Turner, Study Coordinator

Expected Time Commitment:

Approximately 7 - 10 hours per week


This is a paid position ($12,000/year) and is taxable income.


Applicants MUST be a parent of a child who is diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disability (any age or diagnosis). Previous experience with online communities is preferred. Experience as a facilitator is not required. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application by February 22, 2019 by filling out our community engagement form below. When applying, please provide a brief description of your experience with Facebook and/or online support groups or communities.