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Tester | BRIGHT Coaching project | All provinces | Parents

Number of positions to fill: 4

Intended for: Parents

Introduction to the BRIGHT Coaching project

The BRIGHT Coaching project has developed a coaching program to help families of young children with developmental delays during their preschool years. The coaching program will offer a set of tools to support and help empower families. These tools include: telephone coaching, online education tools and online peer support for families.

Description of role:

The BRIGHT Coaching team is looking for four parents to test out a coaching program that was developed as part of this research project. The program is targeting families of young children with developmental concerns (mild to moderate delays), who are on the waitlist to receive services (e.g. developmental assessment, screening, intervention, and/or diagnosis). The coaching program will include telephone coaching with a trained coach who will provide tools and knowledge (one-on-one sessions). In the coaching program, a coach will go over topics with the parents, including topics related to:

  • promoting healthy child development, 
  • partnering with health professionals / service providers, 
  • building personal resilience, and 
  • promoting family resilience

For: BRIGHT Coaching: A Developmental Coach System to Empower Families of Preschoolers
Responsible to: Erin Aubrey and Shayna Pierce
Works with: One trained coach in the BRIGHT Coaching team

Engagement details and expected time commitment:

We are looking to engage interested individuals by August 26, 2018. Your participation is expected to include one a 1-hour telephone session with a coach about twice a week for a total of 6-8 weeks (14 sessions total). The coaches will find a time that is suitable for both the parent/coach.


Honorarium of $500 will be provided to each Tester as a thank you for your time. * Taxes may apply


We are seeking parents with the following profile to test out our coaching program, before we begin our research study:

  • A parent of a preschool child or children (aged 2-5 years old) with mild to moderate developmental delay 
  • Comfortable reading and speaking in English
  • Has regular access to the internet, using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Willing to provide feedback about the coaching sessions by completing a survey and/or being interviewed at the end on the phone

Specific skills or experience that could be an asset:

None requested.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application by August 26, 2018 by filling out our community engagement form below.