Is your child waiting for developmental assessments or services?

You might be eligible to take part in our BRIGHT Coaching research program

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If you are on a wait list, you might have questions: what are some ways I can help my child work on their skills? What can I do to prepare for appointments?

BRIGHT Coaching is a new research program for families whose child is on a wait list for developmental assessments and services. This research program was created by child developmental specialists and researchers across Canada, in partnership with parents who have gone through a similar experience of waiting. Since this is a brand new program, we are offering it through a research model. This will help us know if we are meeting parents’ needs.


BRIGHT Coaching might be right for you, if you answer yes to all of these questions: 

  • I live in British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, or Quebec

  • My child is between 1 ½ to 4  ½ years of age (18 to 54 months) 

  • My child is not starting kindergarten in the next 6 months

  • My child was put on a wait list for developmental services or assessments in the last 6 months

  • I am willing to complete 3 series of research questionnaires

  • I have regular access to the Internet using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device

  • I am comfortable talking and reading in English.


We know from families that being on the wait list can be stressful. Many families have told us that having some resources and support while they wait could make a big difference!

BRIGHT Coaching is testing to see if we can support and guide families during this waiting period by offering some of them a novel coaching program.


Families who join BRIGHT Coaching may get access to 3 types of support: 

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  1. Online Resources on what to expect and how to be proactive with their child’s skill development.

  2. Online community discussion board to connect to other families across Canada and to share experiences and knowledge. 

  3. A coach who has been trained to help guide and support families with a child on a wait list. Coaching sessions are done by phone or video calls.

About half of the families who join will have access to all 3 types of support right away, including talking to a coach about twice a month on the phone for 6 to 7 months, depending on their availability. This is what we call ‘Group 1’.

The other half of families who join will have access to the 3 types of support after one year, including up to three sessions with a coach on topics that are important to them. This is what we call ‘Group 2’.

All families will receive care and services for their child as usual, whether they choose to sign up (or not).

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All families will be asked to complete 3 series of research questionnaires: 1) right after signing up, 2) 8 months later, and 3) 12 months later.

These questionnaires are done online and by phone, in the comfort of your home and take about 2 to 3 hours for each series (for a total of 6 to 9 hours for the entire study). You will receive a $50 gift card after each series of questionnaires ($150 total), in appreciation of your time! 

Since this is a research program, comparing the two groups will help us understand if the coaching program is helpful to families during this waiting period.

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Get in touch with your local Research Coordinator at the email below. If you wish to sign up, download, complete and send the ‘Release of Information’ form (below) in your email.

Thank you for your interest!


BRIGHT Coaching Research Team


British Columbia
Marlee McGuire, MSc, PhD
Research Assistant
UBC, Vancouver

Shayna Pierce, BSc,
Research Assistant
SSCY Centre, Winnipeg

Nova Scotia
Taylor Hansen, MSc 
Research Assistant
IWK, Halifax

Contact our research team
RI-MUHC, Montreal