Learn more about Patient-Oriented Research (POR) by watching our 2018 Summer Learning Series. Each webinar runs approximately 60 minutes and covers different aspects of POR. We invite you to watch this four-part series in order.

Part 1:
CHILD-BRIGHT & Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research

This session explores how Canada’s SPOR initiative is planning to improve health research so that it leads to high-quality & cost-effective care, and how CHILD-BRIGHT fits within the larger scope of Canada’s SPOR.

Part 2:
Exploring Some of the Barriers, Drivers, & Benefits of Public Participation in Research

What does authentic patient engagement looks like? What are some of the factors that influence patient engagement in the research process? How can patient engagement positively impact the outcomes of health research? We explore these topics in this webinar.

Part 3:
How is Patient Engagement Incorporated into a Research Project?

This session explores how researchers can move beyond involving patients as research subjects, but as research partners, and the different opportunities for patient engagement throughout each stage of the research.

Part 4:
Patient Engagement in Action: A Case Study in Patient-Oriented Research

This session showcases a current research project that values authentic patient engagement.